27 September 2018

Day 1 – 1 – Trade War Upstream Oil and Gas/strong>

Mr Harish Natarajan

AKE Report – The Sino-US Trade War

Mr Harish Natarajan

Day 1 – 2 – Myanmar Presentation

Dr. Maung Maung Thein

Day 1 – 3 – Cambodia Presentation

Mr Azwin Azeharie

Day 1 – 4 – Drilling Well Sidetrack Insurance

Ms Victoria Phillips

Day 1 – 5 – Lay Ups – All Safe and Secure

Ms Monika Midteng

Day 1 – 6 – Leaders and Followers after the Enterprise Act

Mr Graeme Baird

Day 1 – 7 – Ørsted Wind Power – Home and Abroad

Ms Kristina Nielsen

Day 1 – 8 – Offshore Wind in Japan

Mr Hiro Isijima and Mr Kazuki Yoshimura

Day 1 – 9 – Asia Offshore Wind

Mr Gareth Lewis

28 September 2018

Day 2 – 1 – Shallow Water Jacket Installation and Load Out

Mr Phil Lennox

Day 2 – 2 – Contract Headaches And How To Avoid Them

Mr Lewis McDonald

Day 2 – 3 – Sanctions – Fake News or are they

Mr Lewis McDonald

Day 2 – 4 – Future Floating Facilities in Asia

Mr David Boggs

28 September 2017

Day 1 – 1 – Oil Industry Economics

Mr Stewart Williams

Day 1 – 2 – Industry Outlook Report

Mr Richard Palmer

Day 1 – 3 – Energy Drilling Presentation

Mr Tue Saabye

Day 1 – 4 – Rig Reactivation

Mr James Vavasour

Day 1 – 5 – Electrical Power in the Offshore Environment

Mr Keith Lee

Day 1 – 6 – FSRU ready for the future

Mr Patrick Carey

Day 1 – 7 – LNG Disputes 2017

Mr Bob Broxson

Day 1 – 8 – MWS for Offshore Wind projects

Mr Alex Harrison

Day 1 – 9 – LWI Presentation Offshore Wind

Mr Matthew Yau

29 September 2017

Day 2 – 1 – PARIMA_Introduction_INPEX Experience

Mr Yoshiki Maeda

Day 2 – 2 – FUMA presentation

Mr David Brown

Day 2 – 3 – Schedule B – What is it worth – Final

Mr Rory Kane and Mr Myles Sunley

Day 2 – 4 – Surfing the Waves

Mr Nigel Cooper

Day 2 – 5 – Resolution Strategies

Mr George Lugrin and Mr Jonathan Blackstaffe

29 September 2017

Day 2 – 1 – PARIMA_Introduction_INPEX Experience

Mr Yoshiki Maeda

Day 2 – 2 – FUMA presentation

Mr David Brown

Day 2 – 3 – Schedule B – What is it worth – Final

Mr Rory Kane and Mr Myles Sunley

Day 2 – 4 – Surfing the Waves

Mr Nigel Cooper

Day 2 – 5 – Resolution Strategies

Mr George Lugrin and Mr Jonathan Blackstaffe

22 September 2016

Oil Prices – An Economic Review of the Energy Sector Landscape

Mr Jason Waldie

MWS & FLNG – Lessons Learnt and Risk Mitigation Measures

Captain Jonathan F B Mills

Legal Snapshot 1 – “Sue and Labour”

Mr Graeme Baird

Legal Snapshot 2 – “Familiar Exclusion Clauses”

Mr Gary Walkling

Geothermal Drilling and Producing Well Integrity Challenges

Dr Ken Seymour

Geothermal CoW Claim Workshop

Ms Yeo Min

Offshore Wind Power and Asia’s Potential

Mr Maarten Mulder

Removal, Life Extension & Redeployment of Floating Production Facilities

Mr Fabian Xavier

Legal Snapshot 3 – “Artificial Intelligence and the Law”

Mr Leigh Williams

Legal Snapshot 4 – “Sort out your Damage”

Mr Ben Nicholson

Emerging Risks in the Drilling Unit Construction Environment

Mr M.K Cheah

23 September 2016

Future Valuation of Energy E&P Assets – Considerations & Methodologies

Mr Paul Bryn Davies

Subsea (SURF) Installation Engineering: A Contractor’s Perspective from Shallow to Deep

Mr Graham Headley

Pipeline Claim Workshop: Taking Delegates from Reporting to Completion

Mr Dirk Jol and Mr Paul Wittber

AOEC 2015 Agenda

Speaker Bios

Helicopter View – Upstream Construction All Risks

Richard Dare

Operational Helicopter 

Simon Taylor

Market Helicopter View – Contractor 

Toh Lay Kuan

Current Market Capacity / Movement Cross Class

Jerry Garner

Oil: Implications Of A Changing Market

Mike Brady, Oliver Wyman

Support Vessel Layup

Mark Stevens

Stacking of Rigs

James Vavasour

Metallurgical Failures in Gas Turbines

Jonathan Sykes

Causation: Coverage & Subrogation

Nicolas Sykes & Aisling Walsh

Upstream Energy Claims

Andrew Jackson

Risk Mitigation within the Current Drilling Services Market

Mike Allcorn

Marine Delay in Start-up

Fraser Clark

Offshore Cyber Security Risk: Is it Real?

Nadjib Bouzeboudjen

The art of negotiation – The End Of Conflict aka How to escape the haze

Jonathan Blackstaffe

Role Of Analytics In Energy (Re)Insurance

Richard Hakes

The Role and Management of PETRONAS’ Captive Insurance Company

Raziyah Yahya

OIL in Theory and Practice

George Hutchings & Gerard Naisse

Agenda 2014

Bios 2014

Building Expertise in Asia Pacific Construction & Offshore Development

Paul OKeefe

Case Studies of Fires in the Energy Industry

Darren Holling

DP Marine Operations – Growing Operability But At What Risk

Rutger Bierman

Damage to Existing Property WELCAR 2001

Barry Stimpson Reed Smith

Damage to Existing Property Coverage – Property Damage or Third Party Liability?

Frank Steril Zurich

A Review Of The UK Insurance Bill: What does it mean for insurance practitioners in Asia?

Patrick Foss Norto Rose Fulbright

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Technologies and Drilling Risk Mitigation

Fulmar Toralde Weatherford

Upstream Car Overview

Joe Hasset

Third Party Liability Market Forces

George Nassaouti

Upstream Operational Energy Market Update – A Helicopter View

Mark Nunn Marsh

Mooring Inspection & Assessment 

Anthony Hall

Mooring Integrity & FUMA – Why is it needed? How is it achieved?

David Brown

Reliability Vs Redundancy

Meidet Sturm

Role of the Reinsurance Leader and Claims Agreement Parties (CAP)

Nick Drury

Agenda 2013

Bios 2013

‘Oil and Gas FPSO’s Marine Project Execution – Where Are The Weak Links?’

Richard Bush

Ichthys LNG Project

Yoshiki Maeda

Rig Market – Regional Challenges From A Risk Managers Perspective

Svein Bergstad

Mega Claims: Market Commitment & Response

Geoff Jones

Allocation of Risk Issues in Offshore Construction Contracts

Mark Errington

India Country Review

Giri Shankar


Justin Archard

Turning and Burning: Turbines and Compressors

Alistair Lamb

Indonesia Country Review

Kameswara Natakusumah

Simultaneous Synchronized Hydraulic Jacking System

Oto Gurnita

A Geologist’s view of Wells and Well Control

Beat R. Bolli

Introduction to the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan 2013

Jan-Hugo Marthinsen

Mega Energy Projects – What’s in the Contract

Glen Warwick

AOEC 2012 Agenda

AOEC 2012 Bios

Market Helicopter View – Liabilities

Mark Bonner

Helicopter View – Offshore Construction

Paul Young

Asia Pacific offshore – where next?

Julian Taylor

The Norwegian Marine Insurance Plan 1996 (Version 2010)

Simon Sloan and Iain Anderson

Risk Management of the First Deepwater Project in China

Roberto Benzan

Deep-water Pipeclay – Having the right tools (what does it mean?)

Giorgio Martelli

Metallurgical Failures in Oil and Gas Pipelines

Jonathan Sykes

Contractor as a ‘Stake-holder’ in Offshore CAR Policy -A Perspective

Pradeep Sinha

Part 1 – Shale Gas Drilling and Hydro-Fracking. Is this the future?

John Donald and John Reid

Part 2 – Technical Considerations & Risk Management

John Reed

Part 1 – Gas Shale – Hydraulic Fracturing. Insuring Environmental Risks, Damage and Clean-up


Part 2 – Gas Shale – Hydraulic Fracturing. Insuring Environmental Risks, Damage and Clean-up


“Hot Rocks” Geothermal Drilling, Operations and Insurance Implications

Gary Mawditt

Mock Mediation

Nigel Chapman

AOEC 2011 Agenda

AOEC 2011 Bios

Coal Seam Gas to LNG – Insurance Considerations

Andre Levey

Tendering – Some thoughts and 2 observations.

Chris Wildee

Operator’s View As An Insurance Buyer

David Tan

FPSOs & Mooring Systems

David Brown

Legal Review Of Recent Leading Case Law Affecting Energy Insurance

Graeme Baird

Global Liability Market Overview

Joe Hassett

An Overview of LNG Operations

Kelvin Wong

Deepwater Horizon 18 Months On

Kevin Phillips

Market Helicopter View – Offshore Construction

Mohair Kanthra

MWS (Much Wasted Service) Panel

Market Helicopter View – Operational

Richard Burridge

Stuck Drill String

Roger Law


Tim Taylor

AOEC 2010 Agenda

Marine Warranty – A Surveyors View Of Today’s Challenges And The Way Forward

Alex Harrison

Flexible Pipes: The Story So Far

David Cox

The State of the Art in Drilling

Francis Lobo

Upstream Onshore Asset Valuations 

James Arthur

Subsea Xmas Trees Vertical Or Horizontal Implications / Issues For Insurers

John Reid

Rig Building – Evolving Trends And Issues

Jon Elliott

Risk Management and Incident Mitigation Considerations – “are we managing our resources”

Mike Allcorn

Deepwater Oil & Gas Developments (Risk Transfer) – The Challenges And Opportunities For Insurers

Paul OKeefe

AOEC Photo Gallery

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